Restore the Caregiver.
Respite is in high demand and short supply for families and caregivers of people with special needs. Caring for a person with a developmental disability comes with additional physical, emotional and financial stress. It’s often a socially isolating lifestyle for the primary caregiver. The stress of additional medical, therapeutic and dietary expenses, as well as saving for future lifetime care leaves providers exhausted.

Insurance benefits and regulations seem to shift daily. Caregivers putting themselves last on their list of priorities remains consistent. Families are fracturing. There are news stories every month about the horrific consequences of extreme cases of exhaustion.
Happy Someday Inc. wants to provide caregivers a trip for relaxation and fun to revive their spirits so they can return to their child and continue to give the family their best.

Restore the Family.
When a child receives a diagnosis that indicates that they have neurological difference, disorder or disability, many future hopes and dreams for the family change. We want to make sure taking a family vacation isn't one of them.  The health, social and behavioral issues are taken into consideration every time a family thinks of going in public for any reason. Many parents find the idea of planning a trip that includes every family member to be an overwhelming task. One of our goals is to provide these families the opportunity to make vacation memories in a way that is as stress-free as possible. Essentially, we’re providing specialized breaks for special people.

Happy Someday makes it O.K. to get away.

Respite: an interval of relief

Our objective with Happy Someday is to provide respite vacations to caregivers and special needs families that restore and strengthen bonds while they enjoy new experiences together in relaxed settings.

Sometimes the best solution is to take a break.

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Happy Someday Inc is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization currently serving clients in Harris and Montgomery counties (TX).